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It has be written in the stars!

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Had to do a quick post about this story!

Click here!

I’m a big firefox fan, although I have been mightily tempted by Flock if you haven’t noticed! 🙂

I’ll talk more about that later! firefox 3 is coming!


It’s like chess, but way more addictive!

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Subject: Supreme Commander

Recently I’ve been playing Supreme Commander. So as the rule goes -write about what you know.

What’s the story?

Supreme Commander won’t win prizes for story. Big prizes that is- I’m surprised it hasn’t won small one. There are three races: the United Earth Federation (or ‘UEF’ otherwise know as the Americans); the Cybran Nation (oppressed -robot- minority); and the Aeon Illuminate (religious fanaticists). All of these factions are more or less standard-ish, but in SC there all in space. Which in my books goes up at least 10 fold! I know, I’m a hopeless nerd!

So back to the story- you’ve three races and they’re all knocking several shades of snot out of each other.

Since there’s three races which funnily enough all descend from the same time era where the human race was at it’s hight of Culture, Peace and other things.

It there any fun?

So enough of story. Here comes the addiction. The maps are huge! You’re allowed to have a stupid amount of units! And maneuvering is simple and effective!

I think on the box THQ should have used the description of “It’s like chess, but way more addictive!”. I know it sounds quite sad to be using that image -since chess is definitely not the most popular game- still.

I would consider myself a strategy gamer -although not adverse to some COD4- but SC is delicious! A complete gorge for the strategist!

It’s not all praise. SC lacks unit formation. A simple function within strategy games. I don’t see why this is missing.

Final Word?

I’m going to finish it off!

And here’s some youtube videos in case your bored of reading.

Twitter Versus Pownce, Pownce Versus Twitter

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Just to show I’m unbiased here’s my Twitter and my Pownce.

Pownce is so much better!

This seems to have been missed by many. Even when I was looking around to see what other people have written about this, they were all saying that pownce is better but lacking users! How is that possible?!

Pownce is the love-child of Kevin Rose, the founder of digg if you didn’t know. This makes me think- how can a product from a man whom has a legion of tech nerds loyal users?

There could be multiple reasons why, some which may be due to Pownce itself. Things like lacking IM and SMS support (which are fixable problems). The only real feature lacking is the “@” feature. In other words, an innovative reply system.

It’s interesting that the only flaw with pownce is that it lacks users. It’s superior to it “rival” twitter. And has
tons more usability then twitter- see sending links, files, and events- but lacks widespread popularity. And if your product is socially-based this isn’t great to state the obvious!

So what do the Pownce people need to do?

They NEED to get the Kevin-machine going. I don’t want to start pointing the finger or suggesting that Kevin likes Twitter more then Pownce. But he’s very quite about Pownce. I’m almost sure that if he mentions it over and over here and there user number would jump up.

Final Words?

Pownce rocks! But I do like Twitter. I’ve found that since I added more people in my following, Twitter has become a stream of information- most of it good! Hopefully Pownce can rise in popularity, for no other reason then to survive. There’s no reason why the two can’t co-exit. But still Pownce is better.

Zero Punctuation, Lots of Funny.

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A little know fact about myself- I’m a gamer. Not to any extreme, but a time waster gamer never-the-less. At the moment my current heroin hero is Supreme Commander, but thats for another post…

The propose of this dabble of writing is to introduce, those who haven’t been introduce, to Zero Punctuation!

Zero Punctuation is a supplement to The Escapist magazine. ZP follows the adventures of Yahtzee as he slices and dices through some of the popular games of the day. Being a game developer himself, has an eye for things us mere mortals (and some QA staff) can’t see. I linked to some of what I found to be the funnier of his videos. (Because wordpress is being gay and won’t let me embed them)

Just remember, he talks faster Superman and Flash Gordon having sex.

Army of Two.
Guitar Hero 3. (Personal Favorite)

Found Youtube Videos!!
Army of Two.

This one is Devil May Cry 4. Still very good.

Yahtzee at the GDC

Always nice to be seen.

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The people at Student Bloggers thought my blog was good enough to have as part of their featured blogs. Although I’m sure it was there to fill up the space! =) But I felt that it deserved a blog post on my behalf. Sharing the blogging love as they say!

All thanks to Kelly Sutton! And the power of Twitter!