Twitter Versus Pownce, Pownce Versus Twitter

Just to show I’m unbiased here’s my Twitter and my Pownce.

Pownce is so much better!

This seems to have been missed by many. Even when I was looking around to see what other people have written about this, they were all saying that pownce is better but lacking users! How is that possible?!

Pownce is the love-child of Kevin Rose, the founder of digg if you didn’t know. This makes me think- how can a product from a man whom has a legion of tech nerds loyal users?

There could be multiple reasons why, some which may be due to Pownce itself. Things like lacking IM and SMS support (which are fixable problems). The only real feature lacking is the “@” feature. In other words, an innovative reply system.

It’s interesting that the only flaw with pownce is that it lacks users. It’s superior to it “rival” twitter. And has
tons more usability then twitter- see sending links, files, and events- but lacks widespread popularity. And if your product is socially-based this isn’t great to state the obvious!

So what do the Pownce people need to do?

They NEED to get the Kevin-machine going. I don’t want to start pointing the finger or suggesting that Kevin likes Twitter more then Pownce. But he’s very quite about Pownce. I’m almost sure that if he mentions it over and over here and there user number would jump up.

Final Words?

Pownce rocks! But I do like Twitter. I’ve found that since I added more people in my following, Twitter has become a stream of information- most of it good! Hopefully Pownce can rise in popularity, for no other reason then to survive. There’s no reason why the two can’t co-exit. But still Pownce is better.


One Response to “Twitter Versus Pownce, Pownce Versus Twitter”

  1. I’m content to use either service. But if Pownce does catch-on, and replace Twitter, they’d better build an importer. As long as nothing gets lost, and switching is fairly painless, bring it on.

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