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Zero Punctuation, Lots of Funny.

Posted in games, humor on April 6, 2008 by neoarcade

A little know fact about myself- I’m a gamer. Not to any extreme, but a time waster gamer never-the-less. At the moment my current heroin hero is Supreme Commander, but thats for another post…

The propose of this dabble of writing is to introduce, those who haven’t been introduce, to Zero Punctuation!

Zero Punctuation is a supplement to The Escapist magazine. ZP follows the adventures of Yahtzee as he slices and dices through some of the popular games of the day. Being a game developer himself, has an eye for things us mere mortals (and some QA staff) can’t see. I linked to some of what I found to be the funnier of his videos. (Because wordpress is being gay and won’t let me embed them)

Just remember, he talks faster Superman and Flash Gordon having sex.

Army of Two.
Guitar Hero 3. (Personal Favorite)

Found Youtube Videos!!
Army of Two.

This one is Devil May Cry 4. Still very good.

Yahtzee at the GDC


Sharing the Blogging love…

Posted in blogs, humor with tags , on March 19, 2008 by neoarcade

The wonderful wacky world of the grasshopper is as fantastic as the name sounds. Fantastic in a metrosexual (which I still think should mean sex with trains), scarf wearing, flamboyant way.

Reading this blog is like listening(well… technically reading) to a massive insider joke and bitch fest about people you don’t know, but you know someone like them. The catchy thing is, we’d all love to do. Grasshopper holds nothing back when going after her deliciously named friends.

And did I mention the writing?

Yes it’s new and has growing pains-like not knowing when to bitch and when to whine- very important difference! But it is the thought that counts. Blogs can be many things, and enjoyable should be one of them. (Like I can talk with all my parenthesis)

We’ve all wanted to, and have, complained/bitched about people to others, and this is no different. Well… except it’s probably one of the most public ways of doing it, bar a TV ad.

So if your the type to avoid negative energy and… stuff. That’s grand. In fact I’ve a song below this post you might enjoy. But if your the type that enjoys creative, funny writing. With a hint of bitchary. Give the Grasshopper a visit.

…please she’ll kill me otherwise…