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Scotland, Sweets, and Geni

Posted in Attempted humor, holidays, reviews, Web on March 30, 2008 by neoarcade

Back after a week in Scotland. Glad to be home. Man it was cold out there. I know a lot of people love snow, but it’s still COLD! Here’s Bob…


Still a lovely place. Nice people and places. But in my observations i noticed the whole place loves their candy. Seriously, where ever there was a method of payment there was candy, sweets and chocolate. And here comes the BBC. I heard reports before about the Scots not having the greatest health. I think I see why (especially the worst teeth bit).

Another example, we were in this pub. Some family friendly place with good pub-grub. And there in the menu where the starters were was another selection. “Sweet”. Sweet? That’s right. Instead of your normal starter soup or whatever, you can have some toffee or sherbet. I try not to discriminate against any country(*cough* *cough* *not a country yet*) but still, come on!

Moving on to some tech stuff.

Geni is a private tech start-up. It’s about two years old now. The point of Geni which can’t be rightly guessed from the name is Genealogy. You start with your name and email. From there you can add your mother, father, brother, sisters, sons, and daughters.

First Impressions.

Start off the bat it’s flash-based. Thankfully it has been done tactfully. Having a web designers eye I’ve seen flash been done so badly! So the Geni developers have created a clean, relevantly-intuitive environment.

Any Use?

Sure! Absolutely! I have an extremely extended family. An additional feature of Geni is to invite other family members through email, so they can also add to the family tree.

Is this productive?

Hell no! Since when does family have to be productive… unless your the mafia.

Final Word?

Yes that is a question, cause you don’t know whether or not this is my last word

How about now?

Okay, okay. So to wrap up Geni is of use to those that want to stay in touch and have an interest in family history this is the job.


Turns out that the Geni team think my post my good enough to add to their The thing is that I think I didn’t fully give a fully comprehensive review of Geni. I’ve no intention to since it’s been done far better. But I do want to draw more attention to the community aspect of Geni.

Like I said before, Geni allows you to add family members via email invites. Each person also has their profile which they can add information like most social networks. So Geni is a blueprint for the biggest social network. Obviously that’s not the main objective of Geni, but it can’t be a bad second! Actually come to think of it Geni’s slogan is “everyone’s related”… maybe they are planning to expand to be the biggest social network. Well all i know is they’ve my vote! 🙂

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Don’t you just love it when a song gets stuck in your head?!

Posted in Music, The good stuff, Web with tags , on March 13, 2008 by neoarcade

Jonathan Coulton is a brilliant artist that releases his stuff under creative commons.

Just listen to those lyrics! Is it to much to ask from artists to write intelligent songs? I mean, come on! A “song” about a fucking umbrella is top of the charts for weeks. Whole Weeks!

And please tell me where it’s written that 4 out of 5 songs released have to be about love. I know the “teen market” is big, but please take a page out of Mr. Coulton’s book. There’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of intelligences. I looking at you Sean Ward!

Flock, Firefox replacement?

Posted in Attempted humor, Web on March 2, 2008 by neoarcade

I’ve been using flock over the past few days and I just have to say, there’s something here.

So what is Flock?…

Flock is the new web browser for the new web. Namely web 2.0. It is a browser based heavily, seriously heavily, on firefox. It has extensions, tabs (but who doesn’t), toolbar bookmarking, and themes and so on.

So why will it become my default browser?…

A number of reasons. One big one being that it’s a fantastic distraction from my java project. Another being that it has a completely integrated social networking system.

Why is this important? …

Well first off, I’m writing this entry on the blog post feature in flock. If I wanted to I can be logged into my facebook,wordpress, (and if i had them), twitter, flicker, and Think about it! Think of how many clicks that saves. Whole seconds!

But in all fairness in the time of open ids, multiply online identities, and just plain madness, its nice/brilliant/major distraction (I really have to get back to my java) to have such integration into your web browser, and paves the way for some serious GTD/productive tools.

Will it last?…

Short answer no with a maybe. Long answer absolutely with a depends.
One argument that could be taking against flock is that it depends on the whole social network “fad”. And this is shoot out of the water before it had a chance to get in it. Flock as a program can be craved out and served again. But not like a left over meal. As the links change so can Flock. The other reason for failure: crucial mass. Simple fact of the web. I also don’t think it’ll be a niche either. Like I said there is definite room for GTD tools. So it won’t just be social web junkies.

Final word?…
Flock is excellent. It fulls me with hope. Hope of an accessible universe, especially since facebook added a delete all apps feature!

DISCLAIMER: I’m new to blogging. If you found any of this lacking in ability feedback will be appreciated i.e. if it was shit give me a shout.

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